You've gone from appointment to appointment and there are times when you leave more confused than when you came in. So much of what the doctor is saying is going right over your head! And you still don't really know what your next steps should be.


At your child's school meeting, everyone is talking about the services your child needs, but some of them have never even met your kid!

Or at the playground, some judgey mom comments on your child's behavior or maybe there's another kid teasing or excluding your child. What do you say?

Standing up for your child's rights and need isn't easy!

At the doctors' office,

at school,

with family,

or in the playground,

you've run into people who just don't get it.

This course teaches you Dr. Lilach Saperstein's signature framework for advocating: the F-I-G Method, so you can find the words you're looking for in every situation.

What's Inside

  Welcome & Overview
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  FIG METHOD of Advocacy
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  Meditation Library
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  Bonus! Interview with Mrs. Naomi Gez, teacher of 36 years
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Hi, I’m Dr. Lilach Saperstein.

When a child receives their diagnosis, parents are often left to navigate everything on their own.

I'm passionate about helping families develop their voice to stand up for their children, no matter what challenges they face.

As an audiologist, I've worked in schools and in clinics with children and their families, and the missing piece I see is support for the parents' journey.

The F-I-G Method can be applied to almost any situation to help you find the words you're looking for and advocate for your special kiddo.

Become A Confident Advocate using the F-I-G Method

Included Resources:
  1. The 5-Step Guide To Navigating Your Child's Hearing loss.
  2. Walkthrough video
  3. Meditation Library
Bonus Interview:

Parents and teachers can work together! Listen to an experienced educator talk about the value of advocacy.

Lifetime Access:

Even as the course gets expanded with more resources (and the price goes up), you'll have access, for life.