Welcome, and thanks for joining me on the journey to self-advocacy! Here, we are going to learn together how to advocate for yourself and for your child or your loved one, using the F.I.G. METHOD of Advocacy.

In this course, you have short and easy-to-follow videos discussing the FIG Method, along with a workbook that will help you learn how to apply it in many situations, to help you feel more confident and empowered.

I've also included two guides, the first being a simple, yet helpful guide to navigating your child's hearing loss. The second guide comes with additional journal prompts and access to a meditation library, which I find very helpful. It also comes with a very comprehensive video discussing tips and strategies for this kind of work.

On top of all this amazing information, I've added a Bonus Video: An interview with a teacher (who happens to be my amazing mother)!

FIG Course Workbook.pdf
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