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Life is hectic. Life is challenging and our minds run wild sometimes.

Mindfulness will not solve any of our problems, but it will give us some space and peace SO THAT we can face those problems.

“Close your eyes and breathe.”
“Just take a deep breath.”
“Chillax will ya?”

… aren’t these the worst things to hear when you’re freaking out?

You’re running around like a headless chicken, inside the eye of a storm, and totally out of it.

Being told to calm down and breathe makes me feel even angrier, and I want to yell:

*”WHAT’S breathing got to do with it.
Plus, I AM breathing, aren’t I.”*

As it turns out though, there are different techniques to breathing that we can do.

Specific ways to think about- and be aware of -the way we are breathing that actually affect how we feel.

Maybe not in the midst of high intensity emotions, but practicing it means you have more access to it overall.

Observing the different parts of our body’s sensations takes focus, skill and practice.

If you’re curious about this side of mindfulness and you’re ready to give it a try, join our community this year.

Every week, you’ll get a short audio (just 5-7 minutes) that explains the technique and walks you through a simple way of implementing it into your life.

Plus a written explanation and visuals too.

But the real exciting piece is in the community.

People who are in it with you, keeping you accountable and connected.

In 52 weeks, we’ll cover lots of different ideas and visualizations that you can add to your tool box.

It doesn’t mean you won’t freak out or yell or lose it, cuz you are human.

The injustices we rage about,

The disappointments we didn’t see coming,

The overwhelm that engulfs us,

It’s all just as valid as the joys and laughs.

We practice being with it.

And not by doing 10 day silent retreats (though, cool for whoever is able to do that!)

One simple idea, technique, or skill per week, for 52 weeks.

You can check it out for free, and it’s just $9/month after that.

And if you’ve made “meditation resolutions” in the past, it makes sense if you didn’t stick with it.

It’s hard to do alone.

Let’s eat this elephant, one bite at a time.

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